new posting rates 

Due the post office putting there charges up form the 1 April 2013 I have unfortunately need to do the same.


Normal posting

Most posting will be done within 1-3 days if there is a delay you will be informed.

eg, If the spider i have for you has moulted will need to harden before the spider

can be shipped or weather


Days of posting 

Only post live insect from Monday to Thursday which try-es to avoid being stuck

in the post office all weekend and post office does not guarantee Saturday delivery.



In bad weather conditions eg, snow / heavy rain which causes flooding i will hold all

live insect orders until weather improves, so your live insects are not stuck in the post

which may kill them. I will keep you inform as much as possible and as soon as the

weather does improve i will ship your order and let you know they have been ship.

There may be a back log which could take a couple of days





If you have any questions please just ask by